Observation of Maples germination & growing

33. On the damages from salt of maple trees by typhoon No.4

32. Coming-of-age ceremony of Nomura maple in 2012

31. Fall colors in my garden in 2011-2

30. Fall colors in my garden in 2011-1

29. Fall colors of maples in 2010

28. My favorite maples in 2010

27. Sprouting of Red maples and Sugar maples in 2010

26. Acer pentaphyllum from sprouting to appearance of 5 leaflets in 2009

25. Maple sprouting in the middle of April 2008

24. Maple sprouting in the beginning of April 2008

23. The beginning of maple sprouting in 2008

22. Fall colors in my garden on December 01 2007

21. Fall colors in my garden at the end of November 2007

20. Fall colors in my garden in the beginning of November 2007

19. Maples in July 2006

18. Young leaves of maples in 2006 No.3 (from the mid Apr. to late Apr.)

17. Young leaves of maples in 2006 No.2 (from early Apr. to the middle)

16. Young leaves of maples in 2006 No.1(from late Mar. to early Apr.)

15. Spring has com (late March) in 2006

14. Spring has come (from late Feb. to the middle of Mar.) in 2006

13. Flowers of maples in my garden on May holidays 2005

12. Maples germination & in March 2005

11. Maples on March 06. 2004

10. Young leaves of maples from Europe & America in 2003

9. Young leaves of maples from China in 2003

8. Young leaves of maples from Japan in 2003

7. 2002Maples of Series Sisensia in May 2002

6. Pentagonal maples of Section Macrantha in 2002

5. Maples having 3 leaflets in 2002

4. Maples sprouting of 2 or 3 years old in 2001

Acer tegmentosum, Acer laxiflorum, Acer pensylvanicum
Acer morifolium, Acer rubescens, Acer davidii
Acer spicatum
, Acer rubrum, Acer saccharinum, Acer macrophyllum
Acer elegantulum
, Acer takesimense, Acer campbellii, Acer oliverianum
Acer truncatum, Acer cappadocicum, Acer longipes, Acer pictum ssp. mono
Acer monspessulanum, Acer opalus, Acer obtsusatum, Acer hyrcanum

3. Germination of maples in 2001 ; No.1

Acer japonicum, Acer circinatumAAcer oliverianum, Acer serrulatum
Acer nikoense, Acer griseum, Acer triflorum
, Acer mandshuricum
Acer davidii
, Acer insulare, Acer pensylvanicum, Acer henrii
Acer nigrum
, Acer tataricum, Acer stachyophyllum, Acer glabrum, Acer komarovii

2. Germination of Sugar, Red and Silver maples in 2000

1. Germination in 2000

Hananoki & its group, Sugar maple (Acer succharum)
American Mountain maple (A.spicatum)
Striped maple (A.pensylvanicum)
Montpellier Maple (A.monspessulanum)
Italian maple (A.opalus)
Turkestan maple (A.platanoides ssp.turkestanicum)
Balkan-Ahorn (A.hyrcanum)

Painted maple & Acer cappadocicum, A. truncatum, A. longipes & A. lobelii