Acer yangjuechii W.P.Fang & P.L.Chiu
(Acer miaotaiense Tsoong)

deciduous, 25m, papery, pubescent below, 3-5 lobed
lobes ovate, margin undulate, apex acute
wings spreading horizontally, similar to Acer Miyabei

NW Zhejiang 700m
(SE Gansu, SW Henan, NW Hubei, S Shaanxi, Zhejiang 700-1600m)

Similar to Acer Miyabei from Japan

Reverse of the leaf, pubescent below

Acer yangjuechii is distributed only within the narrow range of Mt. Tianmu Zhejiang province,
and the amount of it is extremely few, and is in decline.
In case of this species, the infertility rate for the seed is high, and the ability of the natural regeneration is weak,
and it is in danger of extermination and under the protection of the country.

In "Flora of China", Acer yangjuechii is assumed to be the same species as Acer miaotaiense.
In "Zhongguo Zhiwuzhi (Kexuechubanshe, China) : No.46", these are assumed to be similar species.