Acer duplicatoserratum Hayata

small tree, young branchlets pubescent, petioles of mature leaves pubescent,
7 lobed, lobes lanceolate or oblong, both surfaces villous especially on veins,
base cordate, margin sharply and doubly, serrate, apex acuminate, sepals slightly
purplish, petals white, nutlets strongly, convex, wings spreading obtusely

Central & Northern parts of Taiwan, 1600-2000m

Seed & photos of Acer duplicatoserratum were offered by Mr. Simon Grant & his friends.

The leaves & twigs of Acer duplicatoserratum

Both surfaces of leaves are villous and
young branchlets & petioles of mature leaves are pubescent

Seed of Acer duplicatoserratum

Matured seed of Acer duplicatoserratum