Acer wilsonii Rehder
Acer campbellii ssp. wilsonii (Rehder) de Jong


Deciduous, 10-15m, characteristic leaf- shape with mainly 3 lobes

Hubei, Sichuan, Hunan, Guizhou, Yunnan, 1400-2000m

We can see not only 3lobes but also 5lobes.

Summer leaves of 8 years, June 17. 2008

New leaves of 3 years at left (Mar.26.2006)
New leaves of 4 years after twig-cutting at right (June 17. 2008)

Young leaf-color before changing into green leaves, Apr. 8. 2006

Seedling 2 years (May 5. 2002) at left, Seedling 3 years (May 3. 2003) at right

Fall color of leaves of 4 years, Dec. 2004

Autumn color in 2008

Spring color in 2012

Spring color soon after sprouting in 2012