Acer stachyophyllum Hiern
(Acer tetramerum Pax)

Mao2ye4qi4 (Si4rui3qi4)

Deciduous, leaves papery, ovate
margins incised to lobulate, glaucous beneath

Xizang, Sichuan, Yunnan 2800-3200

Seedling of 3-4 years

Seed leaves after germination

Seedling from germination to 3 years old

At Royal Botanic Gardens KEW, April 2004

Upper : ssp.stachyophyllum, Middle : var. pentaneurum, Lower : ssp. betulifoloum
At Royal Botanic Gardens KEW, Oct. 2004

The followings shows ; left row : stachyophyllum, central row : argutum, right row : barbinerve.
upper row : the top of central lobe, middle row : side lobe & outline, lower row : axil & petiole

Acer stachyophyllum at left row : hairy at leaves outline & its vein axils, hairless petiole reddish
Acer argutum at central row : softly hairy on veins only
Acer barbinerve at right row : leaves underside all hairy with some tuffs of hairs in vein axils & petiole