Acer pubipalmatum Fang


Leaves are pubescent, dull medium green, lobes deeply divided, distributed at Zhejiang province.

Comparison of leaf beneath between Acer palmatum and Acer pubipalmatum

Darker green, lobes deeply devided, veins & petiole canescent

Leaves of early summer, About 30 cm tall after 6 years, June 17, 2008

Seedling of 3 years, May 2, 2005

Young canescent leaves of 4 years, Mar.27, 2006

Young leaves of 4 years, Apr.12, 2006

Fall color of Acer pubipalmatum over 5 years, Dec.1. 2007

The following two images were offered by Mr. Simon Grant.


The recent images are as follows ;

Comparison between Acer palmatum (Lower) and Acer pubipalmatum

New leaves of Acer pubipalmatum in 2013