Acer nikoense Maximowicz
(Acer maximowiczianum Miquel)

Autumn colors of Acer nikoense

Winter bud, sprout, young leaves and summer leaves

L : Flowers of Acer nikoense (offered by Mr. Yano)
R : Young samaras & flowers falling down after a strong blow

Tea for health, Supplement food mixed with blueberry

Let me show you some recent images.

Firstly, seedling of Acer nikoense !

Secondly, new young leaves !

Thirdly, summer leaves !

Leaves in early summer

Leaves in late summer

Fourthly, fall colors of Acer nikoense (Acer maximowiczianum) !

Fall colors in 2002

Fall colors at Chausu-yama Highlands in 2003

Fall colors against the sunlight in 2004

Autumn colors seen in the same direction as the sunlight in 2004

Fall colors against the sunlight in 2009

Fall colors against the sunlight in 2010

Comparison of new young leaves among the same group as Acer nikoense

Acer nikoense , Acer triflorum
Acer mandshuricum, Acer griseum