Acer mandshuricum Maximowicz

Dong1bei3qi4 (Bai2niu2qi4), Manshukaede

Deciduous,3 leaflets, bark smooth, not peeling

Heilongjiang, Jilin, Liaoning, Korea, 500-1000m

Seedling of 8 years

Summer leaves of 8 years Seedling

Summer leaves of 6 years Seedling, July 2006

Sprouting of 6 years Seedling, Mar.11, 2006

Sprouting of 5 years Seedling, Apr.11, 2005

Germination in 2001 at upper left, Leaves of Seedling in 2002 at upper right
Seedlings in 2003 at lower left, Fall color by Mr. Peter at lower right


The imeges after 2010 sre as follows ;

New leaves in April

New leaves in March