Acer longipes Franchet ex Rehder

Chang bing qi

deciduous, 10m, bark purplish gray
papery, grayish soft pubescent especially on veins, 3-5 lobed
samara yellowish brown, nutlets compressed
wings spreading acutely or erectly

Chongqing, North Guangxi, South Henan
Hunan, West Hubei, Jiangxi, South Shaanxi

Summer leaves of Seedling of 8 years, about 1.5m tall

Beautiful sprouting young leaves with white hairs, April 08.2006

Right : Germinated from seed, 3 years old at my garden

At Royal Botanic Gardens KEW, April 2004

Underside of the leaves is filled with soft hairs at upper left


The recent images are as follows ;


Sprouting in 2012


Sprouting in 2013