Acer laurinum Hasskari in Indonesia

According to "Maples of the World", we can find two species of maples from tropical region, whose leaves are as evergreen as those of Acer oblongum from Japan and Southeastern Asia. (I hear there is also a viewpoint that two species are regarded as one species.)

On the islands of Java (Indonesia) and Sumatra and small Sunda Islands, there inhabit Acer laurinum Hasskari that is an only species in the Southern Hemisphere.

This time, Mr.Ohashi kindly offered to me information on this maple. He went to Cibodas Botanic Gardens on holidays and took photos and sent them to me. According to his information Cibodas Botanic Gardens are situated at 1,300`1,425 m above sea level, having 125 ha very large site, and it was opened in 1852 by a Hollander Johannes Ellias Teysmann.

Let me show you total map of this garden.

Photos of Acer laurinum Hasskari are shown.

There are two, one is from Jawa Island and another is from southern part of Sulawesi Island.Sulawesi Island whose shape is like "K" letter is located northeast of Jawa island and was called Celebes before.

Let me show you one from Jawa at first.

Acer laurinum from Java (tree form, bark of trunk and leaves)

Acer laurinum from Java : shape of leaves

Next, one from southern part of Sulawesi !

Acer laurinum from Sulawesi (leaves and tree form)

Acer laurinum from Sulawesi : shape of leaves (the ends are broken)

Lastly, let's compare them on the same measure by specimen.

Left is from Sulawesi, Right is from Jawa