Acer henryi Pax

Henry's Maple, Jian4shi3qi4, Shinamitsubakaede

3 leaflets, beautiful autumn color

Huanghe/Changjiang Basin, 500-1500m

Seedling of 8 years, about 1m tall

Germination from seed

Autumn color of seedling 2 years old

Seedling of 5 years old with soft hairs

Seedling 3 years old at my garden

at Beijing Botanical Garden, June 16. 2006

Upperleft : Flowers, upperright : fruits (Hangzhou)
Lowerleft : twig of young tree, lowerright : twigs of an adult tree (KEW)

Leaves & fruits

Leaves & fruits

Fall color at Hangzhou Botanical Garden, Nov. 2004

Left : Acer cissifolium from Japan, Right : Acer henryi from China, Apr. 12, 2006

The upper 3 are Acer henryi from China, the lower 3 are Acer cissifolium from Japan
Leaves are from young seedlings that I grow in my garden.

New leaves-comparison between Acer henryi & Acer cissifolium