Acer elegantulum Fang


Leaves are 5 lobed, the central lobe is longer.

From Zhejiang & Jiangxi provinces, Leaves of sprouting are red and beautiful.

Seedling of 9 years, about 1 meter

Very beautiful sprouting color

UL : Seedling of 2 years, LL : 4 years(spring), R : 4 years(early autumn)

A : Acer oliverianum, B : Acer campbellii ssp. sinense, C : Acer elegantulum
Lower center : Acer palmatum, Upper right : Cv.'Shigitatsusawa'

The following image was sent in April 2009, but they are in autumn in Australia.


The images after 2010 are as follows ;

Summer leaves in 2010

New brilliant leaves in 2012

New brilliant leaves in 2013