Acer cinamomifolium Hayata
(Acer coriaceifolium Leveille)

Atsuba-kusunoha, Zhang1ye4qi4

Seedling of 7 years at left, Seedlings of 4 years at right

Summer leaves of 7 years Seedling, Hamamatsu, Japan

New leaves of 5 years Seedling, Hamamatsu, Japan

Flowers, at Hangzhou Botanical Garden in Mar. 2004

Only 2 Seed from Shanghai Botanic Garden germinated at left in Apr. 2002.
Seedlings of 2 years at right, Aug. 2003

at Shanghai Botanic Garden in Oct. 2001


The images after 2010 are as follows ;

The summer leaves, already 3m tall

L : Acer cinamomifolium, R : Acer oblongum


The new leaves