Acer cappadocicum Gleditsch

Cappadocian maple, Kolchischer Ahorn, Qing1pi2qi4

Deciduous, 15-20m, leaves are papery and 5-7 lobed.

South of Xizang 2400-3000m
Northern Turkey, Iran, Himalayas

Scientific name means its source from Cappadocia, and Chinese name means its green twigs containing that of the current year's growth.

Seedling of 8 years and about 1m tall

Seedling of 6 years, April 08.2006

Growth of Seedling, Yellow Fall color of seedling

At Royal Botanic Gardens KEW, April 2004

Acer cappadocicum ssp. sinicum at Kew Garden, Oct. 2004

The images after 2010 are as follows ;

Sprouting and new leaves in 2012

The 3 images in 2013 are as follows ;