Mountain maple : Acer spicatum Lamarck

Section caudata has 3 species, such as Acer caudatum from China & Himalayas,
Acer ukurunduense from China & Japan and Acer spicatum from North America.

Leaves underside of Acer spicatum are glabrous, but those of Acer ukurunduense are hairy.

Seedling of 8 years, about 10 cm tall (owing to my bad cultivation)

Seedling of 6 years, Apr.15, 2006

Both are young trees of 3 years old from seed (at my house)

Young trees of 3 years old

Leaves & samaras, Chemung New York

Tree of Acer spicatum, Chemung New York (offered by Peter)

Mr. Yano's managemet was so well that it would blossom.