Portland Japanese Garden in fall

This is the scenery of the Portland Japanese garden on Oct 5, 2012 in Oregon, America.

The Japanese garden is located in Washington Park in Portland city blessed with the  beautiful nature.
This Japanese garden is best known among the Japanese gardens in foreign countries.

In the beginning of September, 2014, Mr. Peter Podaras gave me the images which he photographed two years ago.

The middle gate

This lantern seems to be a post town style of the Edo era in Japan.

A kind of bamboo blind fence, what we call, "Misuzugaki"
This maple whose leaves are red, judging from its bark, seems to be paperbark maple from China.

Arrangement of garden rocks around pond and scattered maple-leaves, what we call, Chiri-momiji

The attractive waterfall composed of some steps

The left : A zigzag bridge "Yatsu-hashi" and the Old Snow-viewing stone lantern
The right : Fivefold stone tower

The stone lantern of implantation depth-adjustable type
Its burning place with the latticework window

Rock composition and small valley

A pond and arrangement of garden rocks

The square style crouching Washbowl

The small path of the stone stairway seems to have an atmosphere of Japanese-style.

Ohmomiji : Acer amoenum

Akashidare, cultivars of Yamamomiji (Acer matsumurae)

The maple whose leaves are pink, which Peter showed interest in, seems to be Acer tenuifolium from Japan.

A carpet of the moss and the scattered maple leaves "Chiri-momiji"

Here is the very Japanese garden studded with the garden elements.