Sprouts of maple leaves ; Part2
Young leaves of maples
(Revised on May 6, 2012)

To begin with young leaves from Japan.

Acer palmatum : Iroha-momiji
Acer palmatum : Iroha-momiji
Acer matsumurae : Yama-momiji 'Shigitatsusawa'
Acer matsumurae : Yama-momiji 'Aoshidare'
Acer amoenum : Oh-momiji 'Nomura'
Acer amoenum : Oh-momiji 'Shimenouchi'


Acer japonicum : Hauchiwa-kaede
Acer sieboldianum : Ko-hauchiwa-kaede
Acer shirasawanum : Oh-itaya-meigetsu
Acer tenuifolium : Hina-uchiwa-kaede


Acer crataegifolium : Uri-kaede
Acer rufinerve : Uri-hada-kaede
Acer capillipes : Hosoe-kaede
Acer insulare : Shima-uri-kaede


Acer morifolium : Yakushima-onaga-kaede
Acer micranthum : Komine-kaede
Acer tschonoskii : Mine-kaede
Acer australe : Nangoku-mine-kaede


ssp. ambiguum : Oni-itaya
ssp. marmoratum : Enkoh-kaede
ssp. savatieri : Itomaki-itaya
ssp. glaucum : Urajiro-itaya
ssp. mono : Ezo-itaya
ssp. mayrii : Aka-itaya

In the above articles, generic names for this group such as Acer mono or Acer pictum are omitted.


Acer miyabei : Kurobi-itaya
Acer shibatai : Shibata-kaede


Acer distylum : Hitotsuba-kaede
Acer carpinifolium : Chidori-no-ki
Acer cissifolium : Mitsude-kaede
Acer maximowiczianum : Megusuri-no-ki


Acer pycnanthum : Hana-no-ki
Acer aidzuense : Karakogi-kaede
Acer argutum : Asa-no-ha-kaede
Acer ukurunduense : Ogara-bana


Acer nipponicum : Tetsu-kaede
Acer diabolicum : Kaji-kaede
Acer buergerianum : Toh-kaede
Acer oblongum : Kusu-no-ha-kaede


The following maples are from China.

Acer elegantulum
Acer sinense
Acer pubipalmatum
Acer pseudosieboldianum


Acer oliverianum : Oliver maple
Acer serrulatum
Acer olivaceum
Acer wilsonii : Wilson's maple
Acer pentaphyllum
Acer campbellii : Campbell Maple


Acer caudatifolium : Kawakami-maple
Acer davidii : David's maple
Acer grosseri
Acer tegmentosum : Amur'scher Ahorn
Acer laxiflorum


Acer fabri
Acer cordatum
Acer buergerianum : trident maple
Taiwan trident maple
Acer oblongum : flying Moth tree
Acer coriaceifolium


Acer henryi : Henry's Maple
Acer triflorum
Acer mandshuricum
Acer griseum : Paperbark Maple
Acer stachyophyllum : Birchleaf Maple
Acer ginnala : Amur maple


Acer cappadocicum : Cappadocian maple
Acer longipes
Acer truncatum
Acer okamotoanum


The following maples are from Europe.

Acer platanoides : Norway maple
Acer pseudoplatanus : Sycamore maple
Acer campestre : Field maple
Acer trautvetteri : Red-bud maple


Acer velutinum : Velvet maple
Acer hyrcanum : Balkan-Ahorn
Acer monspessulanum : Montpellier Maple
Acer opalus : Italian maple
Acer sempervirens : Cretan maple
Acer tataricum : Tartar maple


Acer cappadocicum : Cappadocian maple
Acer divergens : Divergent maple
Acer lobelii : Lobel maple
Acer ~zoeschense : A hybrid


The last maples are from North America.

Acer spicatum : Mountain maple
Acer pensylvanicum : Striped maple
Acer negundo : Boxelder
Acer saccharum : Sugar maple


Acer floridanum : Southern sugar maple
Acer grandidentatum : Canyon maple
Acer rubrum : Red maple
Acer saccharinum : Silver maple


Quiz !
Please guess at the names of the following maples from Japan !