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A grounding in Maples

Origin of Name

Acer, maple, Ahorn, Erable and Kaede & Momiji

Botanical Character

"samaras (two pairs of seed with wing)" & "opposite"

History & Fossil

History & Fossil of maples, Photos of fossil maples

Summary of world maples

Comment for maples from North America, Europe and China

Summary of Japanese Maples

Horizontal & Vertical Distribution of maples in Japan

Autumn Color Mechanism

Factors such as rapid coldness, dryness and sunshine


Brief Explanation of Japanese Cultivars


Brief Explanation & History of Bonsai

Illustrated book for Maples from all over the World


List & pictures of Japanese well-known maples

North America

List & pictures of maples from North America


List & pictures of maples from Europe and its neighboring districts


List & pictures of maples from China and its neighboring districts

Maples Observation & Discernment

Seed comparison

Presentation of photos of maple-seeds

Flowers in spring

Photos of maple-flowers in spring
Sprouts in spring
Photos of new leaves sprouts in spring
Fall color of leaves
Photos of leaves of various colors in autumn

Buds in winter

Presentation of photos of maple-buds in winter

Species Discrimination

Species Discrimination of Japanese maples by leaf shape

Japanese Culture & Images

Sights of Autumn Color

Sights of Autumn Color in Japan, Maple-viewing information

Japanese Garden

Invitation for Japanese Garden with maples

Gigantic & Noted trees

Photos of Gigantic & Noted trees in Japan, such as Minami-Hanazawa

Maples & Mt. Fuji

Landscape of Mt. Fuji & maples

Information & Communication

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Classification of World Maples

Taxonomy list based on "Maples of the World"
Species lists in Asia
Lists of Japan(detailed), Korea,Taiwan and other Asia, Note1

Japnese Literature

Maples appearing in Japanese Literary History

Lumber & Instrument

Hard & Soft maple, Birds'eye maple and Piano & Violin

Syrup & Tea

Maple Syrup & Megusurinoki Tea

Roadside trees

Maples for street trees in our towns

Botanical Gardens

Botanical Gardens that I visited for maples

Related Items

Botanical name, Classification, Plant-hunter and the rest

Books & Documents

Books & Documents of maples
Greeting of HP building & New Year Messages

Trip notes

Mini articles of my trip for visiting for maples
Photo Gallery
My view & essy
My opinions on Truth, Good and Buauty

Search for World Maples

Maple Information on internet
Friends of the World
Photos of Maples, Garden and Regeneration, Note2
Music & New poem
Composing Music & Poem for maples

List of Links

Links to Friends through internet communication

Note1 : Maple species lists & Phptos

Japan(detailed version)

List of about 60 species of Japanese maples


Korean maple list based on Prof. Nakai's thesis sent by Mr.Peter


Taiwanese maple list based on Prof. Uehara's illustrated book of plants

Central Asia

Maple ist of Central Asia based on "Maples of the World"

Southeast Asia

Maple ist of Southeast Asia based on "Maples of the World"

West Asia

Maple list of West Asia based on "Maples of the World"

Note2 : My friends

Peter's album

Various kinds of photos of maples offered by Peter

Ondrej's album

Cultivars in Europe offered by Ondrej Ottomansky

Dan's album

Photos of American maples offered by Dan

Jan's Garden

Photos of Japanese Garden in Europe offered by Jan

Durkovic's album

"In vitro regeneration" by Jaroslav Durkovic