A Happy New Year ! Jan.01.2008

I will focus my concentration on Japanese Culture that relates to gGigantic trees & Noted treesh, gJapanese Gardenh,gSights of Autumn Colorh and gMt. Fuji".
I think I want to make this HP a happy page full of attractive photographs.
I also want to enhance pages of English version this year.

I wish this year will be a peaceful bright year for you.



A Happy New Year ! Jan.01.2007

Recently, as an annual event in Japan, each year has been expressed by only one Japanese character gKanjih, which was written by a Buddhist priest of Kiyomizu Temple in Kyoto.

In 2004, gWazawaih was selected, that is , gmisfortuneh, because we had many natural disasters such as earthquake, typhoon, heavy rain as well as man-made disasters.
In 2005, there was selected gAih, that is, gloveh. 
In last year 2006, there was selected gInochih, that is, glifeh .
These 3 characters reminded me about the following things.
Firstly, as you know a phrase that gto turn a misfortune into a blessingh, and I want to get tough flexibility.
Secondly, love will be sometimes violent and will change into hate. So, I want to pray to get to be mild.
Lastly, I want to cherish my given life, and I wish to live a healthy & sound life.

Last year I reached my 60th year. From these 3 characters, I became to wish to live a flexible, mild hearted and healthy life.

I will take a trip for maple viewing, investigation of gigantic trees and information gathering of Chinese maples this year.

A Happy New Year ! Jan.01.2006

I want to expand maple information on Japan and China and became to want to look into gigantic tree and the time-honored tree of the maple at last.

A Happy New Year ! Jan.01.2005

I want to add the explanation on maple species this year.

Left : Dec. 31, 2004 rainy day,    Right : Jan. 01,2005 fine day
Leaves of Fall color remained until the New Year this winter.


A Happy New Year ! Jan.01.2004

I want to improve the image quality and to add the explanation on maple species this year.

A Happy New Year ! Jan.01.2003

Last year I showed you observation of maple seedling, My View & Essay and beautiful scenery through Trip noteh. I could not afford to make English pages for these two years.@So, I want to enhance an English version this year.

Jan.01.2002, A Happy New Year !

Four years have passed since HP was set up. Last year I showed "Observation of Acer tschonoskii" and " Trip note" containing information I got when I went to domestic and overseas various places.  
I want to show you mainly observation of maple seedling, My View & Essay and beautiful scenery through gTrip noteh from now on. Well, I pray this year will be a good year for you.


A Happy New Year ! Jan.01.2001

I made a new design for top page in this winter vacation.
The design is composed of those components such as nature,fall color, cultivars, grain and letters.

Plan for 2001 : Revision of Chinese Maple List, Writing of Maple Essay


Greetings (Jan.30.1998)

Welcome to my maple world ! How do you do ?

My name is Hajime Hayashida. I live in the city of Hamamatsu, Japan.

... For about 10 years, I have been hiking in mountains which are 1000-1700 m above sea level and are located in Shizuoka Prefecture (central district of Japan) and neighboring districts, and I had have the chance to encounter many kinds of maple trees in Japan. At the same time, I have read various kinds of books on maples. So, I came to collect and arrange information on maple trees. I have collected various kinds of maple seeds, leaves and seedling trees, and some seeds sent by friends who live in other countries. I have been cultivating these maples in my garden, which is quite tiny and narrow, and I have made specimens and samples and also taken their photos.
... I appreciate that the charm of the maples is not only in their autumn colors, but also in new green color of spring leaves. The new green color in early May in the mountains refreshes our eyes as well as our spirits. Also, I feel as if maples in Oct. and Nov. were insisting on their existence by their autumn colors.
... I think walking in the mountains gives us a feel for the beauty of the nature, what we can call the original beauty. And I think those places are where we can observe the present and future conditions of the natural environment in their real meaning. At the same time I think these places are where we can keep our eyes on the earth with love.
... By the way, when you want to walk in the mountains, you had better take a 1/50,000 map, an altimeter, a camera and little vinyl pouches (for collecting leaves and seeds), lunch and drinks, then you can enjoy observing. Well, maple trees seem to like water, so you can also enjoy seeing valleys and cascades and hearing the murmur of streams.
... This time, through internet I want to present some of my information on maples, and to exchange opinions on maples with friends who are interested in maples. I would also hope this homepage on maples will be educational for young students. If so, I will feel very happy.

Please enjoy and use these pages !